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The Telprocad has pioneered global delivery model with detailed quality assurance process and high tech facilities in India. Our in depth experience and considerable knowledge of design/drawing of copper and fiber networking/FTTX project enables us to provide consistent output.

  • Drawing/Designing of Network Infrastructure for Backbone N/w, Transport Planning, Equipment Planning
  • Planning and designing, cost analysis/budgeting for copper (underground and aerial)/fiber network (backbone/backhaul) from ONU/Node to subscriber access
  • OSP planning design documentation with industry standard
  • Copper and fiber network drawing/designing for delivering fixed line and broadband services rollout project
  • Augmentation/expansion for copper and fiber network drawing
  • Cable Termination detail preparation (MDF, Distribution box, Fiber management system)
  • ROW preparation
  • Structured cabling system detail design and layout drawings
  • Telecom room layout drawings with tray/ladder/conduit
  • As build drawing preparation

  • TAG list preparation based on client philosophy
  • Cable schedule preparation
  • BOQ preparation